Activate beta license

To activate your beta license enter the following information in the form below:

  • The email address that was used to request the license
  • The system ID (open the plugin in your host app on the system you want to activate the license for, go to the settings/properties panel, the system ID is visible at the top; press ‘Activate license’ to open this page with the system ID already filled in)
  • The license key (sent to you by email shortly after requesting the license)

If the activation is successful a download of the license file will begin. The filename should be <pluginname>-beta-<hosttype>.lic (e.g. plume-beta-ae.lic, flame-beta-ofx.lic, etc.). Copy this file to the appropriate one of the following folders:

  • Windows: (enable the option ‘View > Show > Hidden items’ in the file browser)
    • Single user: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\mattistic
    • All users: C:\ProgramData\mattistic
  • Linux: (enable the option ‘Show Hidden Files’ in the file browser)
    • Single user /home/<username>/.config/mattistic
    • All users: /usr/share/mattistic

Reopen the host app and the plugin should be watermark-free and good to go!

Having trouble activating your license? Contact support for assistance.