About Mattistic

Mattistic grew out of an obsession with the question: what makes amorphous things like clouds and flames so hard to define yet instantly recognizable? After a deep dive into the world of fluid dynamics it became apparent that the most important visual characteristics could be procedurally generated quite well. Several years of prototypes and development later Mattistic was born.

Matthijs Slijkhuis, the person behind the curtain, is a visual effects artist turned software developer. Having been into both programming and photography since the days of home computers and roll film, it was inevitable for the two interests to merge sooner or later. With well over a decade of experience in film and television the tools he creates are production-minded and put the artist first.

In the near future Mattistic will expand beyond fire and smoke with watercolor rendering for videos as well as explorations into real-time rendering and interactive experiences.

You can contact Matthijs here.